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San Diego Art Director  entertainment industry set design and casino decor
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A commercial set by Jeff Van Gonka
set design and constuction art direction by vanmark scenic
Dating Game Set by jeff van gonka vanmark scenic
twisted metal psych ward set by VANMARK Scenic
Tron set for San Diego ComiCon painted by VanMark Scenic
San Diego artt director Tron Arcade set by VANMARK Scenic
Flynns Lab set faux painted by VANMARK Scenic
French street set in san diego production design by VANMARK Scenic Jeff Van Gonka
Psychology office set by VANMARK Scenic
Macro Air set by Jeff Van Gonka San Diego Art Director
Space alien in front of spaceship
woman screaming on killer tomatoes set by VANMARK Scenic
John Aston on Killer Tomatoes set
giant time machiine clock in museum made by VANMARK Art Director Jeff Van Gonka
auger used to make hydroelectric display in museum
smart crunch
jazzercise set by VANMARK
Disco Abs set
Giant tomatoes props
pioneer in snowstorm set made in san diego
command center of the future by VANMARK Scenic San Diego Arty Director
Forest set  on soundstage in san diego
magic themed bar set
blinking lights marquee sign
queens throne
man singing in music video under water spray
Navy Seals in Coronado being filmed for commercial

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Twisted Metal

Cinematics for Sony’s Twisted Metal game just got a lot more - twisted...

TRON - Legacy EOL Club

Disney brought new excitement to  Comic-Con, and we got to help...

Flynn’s Lab

More amazing experiential marketing from 42 Entertainment ...

Flynn’s Arcade

Another part of the TRON - Legacy marketing campaign at Comic-Con...

Macro Air

How do you show the strength of giant industrial fans?  Marilyn Monroe! ...

Are You Crazy?

Does trying to figure out those cable “bundles” make you crazy? ...

Qualcomm - Wireless Life

Multiple locations and creating new

places from odd locations ...

Killer Tomatoes Strike Back

Building all the sets and props for this

crazy film was quite a challenge...

Killer Tomatoes Eat France

Number four in the Killer Tomatoes “trilogy” of films, we had fun...

Out Of This World

When Loma Media asked us to come up with a spaceship, the fun began...

COX Christmas Story

Recreating the iconic department store set from “A Christmas Story”...

Your Health Matters

A simple but effective talk show set keeping the viewer focused...

Hydro Power Exhibit

Ping pong balls, a combine auger, plastic tubes and special effects...

Pennypickle’s Workshop

Winning awards for “Best Children’s Museum”, this place is kid crazy!...

Disco Abs

Disco was the theme of this exercise video starring Cheryl Burke...


Cheryl Burke was the spokesmodel for this popular fitness brand...

Smart Crunch

This set was made primarily as a video instruction for the brand...

Killer Tomato Toys

These giant Tomatoes were part of an ad campaign for Killer Tomato toys...

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Tony Hawk screaming to camera in commercial shoot

COX Dating Game

It just got a lot more fun to pick your cable TV provider...

General Store

Making it snow on stage is easy.  It’s cleaning up that’s not so fun...

U.S. Defense Department

Different branches of the military asked us to build a few things...

Sleepybear Forest

We bring the outside to the inside for this spot for Travelodge...

The Magic Pub

Harry Houdini would have loved hanging around this place...

Game On!

Yes.  We brought a goat to our game show set.  It worked...

Music Videos

We love working on music videos!  

Alice In Wonderland Tour

When this set arrived damaged in San Diego from London, we had to fix it...

House of Usher Films

Shooting on a real Navy base in Coronado, CA, was very cool ...

Spike TV bar for ComiCon talk show set by Jeff Van Gonka

Tony Hawk Huck Jam Bikes

I’ll bet you didn’t know that he’s also a mad scientist...

ALL Casino Promotions Decor

VIP Guests get invited to several concerts throughout the year, we...

Comic-Con Spike TV

The Comic-Con is over, and the hangovers have just begun...

Casino Ballroom Doorway Curtains for concert