“No, no, no!  Don’t touch zee bikes!”

                            - Tony Hawk / Mad Scientist


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I’ll bet you didn’t know that he’s also a mad scientist.  Well, only for this commercial.  900 Films hired us to create a “bike factory” for a new line of BMX bikes branded by Tony Hawk. The producer wanted to film inside of one of The Tony Hawk corporate warehouses, so we chose an area behind one of his half pipe practice ramps. There we assembled back light panels, hoses, and large plastic discs to create a background set piece that looked like a bike factory machine made out of giant bike parts to help give the room a subtle “bike” feel.

We then scouted and shopped junk and surplus stores, harvested bike parts, and purchased new hardware to create from scratch five unique and modular robotic looking machines to match the director’s vision.

We then hired a stunt ramp company in L.A. to create a “rainbow ramp” out of steel for one of the shots. Our stunt coordinator drew some specs which we translated into a computer file.  It was a tight deadline but the spot turned out great.

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