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San Diego Art Director VANMARK Scenic
San Diego Art Director VANMARK Scenic

San Diego’s first choice in Creative Services for the Entertainment Industries.

Flynn’s Arcade was so popular at the 2009 Comic-Con, that Disney and 42 Entertainment brought it back.  Our crew worked to get the paint of the faux bricks and cement to closely match the original Flynn’s Arcade. For the 2010 Comic Con, the vintage machines were covered with plastic, which mirrors the look of Flynn’s in the movie TRON - Legacy.  After a few minutes of checking out the “abandoned” arcade, lights begin to flash and a secret door behind the TRON game machine slowly opens.  What’s behind it? In 2009, it was the Light Cycle reveal.  In 2010, guests got to see a recreation of Flynn’s Lab.

You can see it too, just click here

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San Diego Art Director VANMARK Scenic
San Diego Art Director VANMARK Scenic

“The only way to win the game is not to play.”

                          - Kevin Flynn