San Diego Art Director VANMARK Scenic
San Diego Art Director VANMARK Scenic


“...bachelor number one, bachelor number two, or bachelor number three?”

                        - Chuck Woolery/Game Show Host


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The client had a limited budget, so we met with the director to find out exactly how he was planning on shooting this spot.  This helped us see that we could eliminate one of the set’s curved walls, saving construction time and material costs.  The “It’s Your Choice” lettering was made from a custom font we created to be evocative of the original Dating Game logo. We cut them out of EPS foam and coated them with a Rosco smooth coat.  We also made a custom gobo of the flower icon to add a little color to the floor.

The pre-vis design (above) helped everyone understand what the set was going to look like before it was built.

San Diego Art Director VANMARK Scenic
San Diego Art Director VANMARK Scenic

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